Dundee has Scotland’s highest proportion of suicide victims who were psychiatric outpatients

Dundee has Scotland’s highest proportion of suicide victims who were psychiatric outpatients

Much of the focus of the independent inquiry into Tayside’s mental health services is expected to be on the Carseview Centre.


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Scottish Labour repeats calls for public inquiry into mental health services in Tayside


Richard Leonard

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard – 

Scottish Labour is renewing calls for a public inquiry into mental health services in NHS Tayside.

At First Minister’s Questions this week, Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard quoted comments by the Samaritans that suggested the Scottish Government was not taking suicide seriously enough, following research by the charity that found 61 per cent of Scots have been affected by suicide.

Leonard also raised the case of 50-year-old David Ramsay, who took his own life in 2016.

Ramsay killed himself after being twice rejected for treatment by the Carseview Centre at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, despite having made three suicide attempts in the space of a week.

Leonard said: “As the First Minister will know, Scotland’s suicide rate is more than twice the rate for Britain as a whole, and that in Dundee the suicide rate has increased by 61 per cent in a year.

“Behind those statistics are real people and real families who have lost loved ones, including the family of David Ramsay.”

He added: Tragically, David Ramsay’s story and the experience of his family is not unique in Dundee, so when I was in Dundee in March I backed the call by families for a public inquiry into mental health services at NHS Tayside.

“Why has the First Minister’s Government remained silent on this crisis and silent on that demand for a public inquiry?”

However, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon defended the Scottish Government’s record.

She said: “Richard Leonard has raised issues about the Carseview centre in NHS Tayside.

“It is not right or fair to say that the Government has ‘remained silent’.

“I know that the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport has visited Carseview on a number of occasions.

“I understand that the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland carried out an unannounced inspection of Carseview in March, and made a number of recommendations.

“Let me make it very clear today, as the health secretary and the mental health minister have already done, that we expect NHS Tayside to respond fully to the recommendations within three months.

“The recommendations have also, I understand, been shared with Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

“We will pay very close attention to NHS Tayside’s response, and if we consider that further action is required, that action will be taken.”

The Scottish Government has recently consulted on a draft suicide prevention action plan, with the final version, taking account of feedback, expected to be published in the summer.


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‘Mentally ill’ man left in cell at Dundee police HQ after transport dispute between Tayside and Fife officers

Police headquarters in Dundee.

A man who is said to have mental health issues was left languishing in a police cell for an extra night amid an argument over who should transport him to hospital.

Kyle Forbes told police he had taken an overdose of his medication but when he was taken to A&E at Ninewells Hospital he became aggressive and committed a breach of the peace.

Forbes, 25, of Acorn Court, Cellardyke, admitted at Dundee Sheriff Court that on December 23 he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner.

Fiscal depute Joanne Smith told the court that police had received a call from Forbes saying he had taken pills and they attended with an ambulance crew.

He became aggressive at Ninewells and swung a chair around and called a doctor a “cow”.

He was placed in the cells that day and was due to appear in court on December 27.

However, a police doctor was of the opinion that Forbes was a danger to himself and he was not brought up from the cells to appear before a sheriff. Instead, it was arranged for him to stay at Stratheden Hospital in Cupar.

His solicitor Sue Williams told the court there was a dispute between police from Tayside and Fife divisions over who should transport him to the hospital so he remained in the cells overnight.

Mrs Williams said that on Thursday December 28 the same doctor had seen Forbes in the morning before his court appearance and was now of the opinion that he did not need to be medically assessed, as the opinion of NHS Fife was that his problems were drug or alcohol-related.

She added: “He is quite clearly unwell and he is on medication for depression, so he has obviously been assessed as having a mental health issue.

“This doctor thought there should be an order for him to be assessed and there was a bed for him on Wednesday night but now today he has changed his mind.

“I’m very disturbed about this because he has been in a police cell since December 23.”

Sheriff Lorna Drummond said she was concerned about the situation but had been told by the Crown that Forbes doesn’t have a medical disorder.

Mrs Williams moved that Forbes be remanded in custody for three weeks for a medical assessment and Sheriff Drummond agreed.

Sentence was deferred on the breach of the peace matter until January 17.


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