Tragedy as woman pulled from River Tay dies in Ninewells Hospital

Tragedy as woman pulled from River Tay dies in Ninewells Hospital

A young woman pulled from the River Tay on Monday has died in hospital.

The woman, who has not been named, is understood to have been in the Tay at the south side of the road bridge for around 15 minutes before she was rescued.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Around 11.35am on Monday, 10 February officers responded to a report of concern for a woman in the River Tay near Dundee.

“A 32-year-old woman was recovered from the water and taken to Ninewells Hospital where she later died.

“There are no apparent suspicious circumstances and a report will be submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.”

A statement from Broughty Ferry lifeboat crew said: “Broughty Ferry RNLI crews responded with both lifeboats to a report of person in river near to Tay Road Bridge.

“The call came in via coastguard at 11.37am. By 12pm the first lifeboat had arrived on scene to find the casualty had been removed from the water on to a local work boat.

“The casualty was then transferred to the all-weather lifeboat where crews provided emergency care during rapid transfer to lifeboat station, where the casualty was passed into the care of waiting ambulance crews.”

The spokesman said the conditions for the crew were difficult during the rescue.

He added: “This was a difficult rescue and the crew are all understandably subdued.”

The statement continued: “If you are worried about something or know somebody who needs help but don’t know how to approach things then call Breathing Space on 0800 838587.”


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Sturgeon urged to save failing mental health services at NHS Tayside

Sturgeon urged to save failing mental health services at NHS Tayside

NICOLA STURGEON was pressed to intervene and save failing mental health services at a Scottish health board today after the publication of a damning report earlier this week.

At First Minister’s Questions, the SNP leader was pushed to commit to a swathe of measures at NHS Tayside.

The independent inquiry into mental health services in the region found a culture of “fear and blame,” with more than 50 suggestions made about how to make improvements.

Scotland’s Labour leader Richard Leonard asked Ms Sturgeon whether her government would step in at the health board and put in place “special measures” to ensure implementation of the recommendations.

He said: “NHS Tayside has a history of evading scrutiny, deflecting criticism and resisting change.

“They have repeatedly ignored recommendations from Healthcare Improvement Scotland and the Mental Welfare Commission.

“Will you today instruct your Cabinet Secretary to re-escalate NHS Tayside’s mental health services so that your government steps in to drive the transformation of mental health services in Tayside?

“First Minister, will you do the right thing?”

Ms Sturgeon said she offered her apologies to all families who had been let down by the NHS.

She added: “The Scottish government will continue to take the action that is already under way and we will consider all suggestions.

“We will continue to monitor the progress of NHS Tayside through the Tayside Oversight Group, which is a vital part of the picture here.

“As I said, the Mental Health Minister will keep Parliament updated and we have proactively asked David Strang to review this after a year and to provide an update into the progress that has been made.”

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Dundee doctors cleared over suicide of tragic Lee but dad hits out a judgment

Phil Welsh with partner Lesley Nicoll.


A GP surgery has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the run-up to a Dundee dad taking his own life.


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Mental health inquiry could provide lasting legacy for suicide victims

The Carseview Centre


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Call for ‘crisis measures’ at Carseview mental health unit

Jenny Marra
Jenny Marra said allegations made in the documentary were “horrifically worrying”

An MSP has called for a Dundee mental health unit to be put into crisis measures following revelations in a BBC Scotland documentary.

Former patients at Carseview told the Breaking Point programme they were pinned to the floor and bullied on wards where illegal drugs were rife.

Dundee-based Labour MSP Jenny Marra said the allegations were “horrifically worrying.”

NHS Tayside has said it will investigate the patients’ allegations.

Following the documentary, another former Carseview patient told BBC Scotland that she felt “traumatised” following her time in the unit and said it should be closed.

The Scottish government said the accusations were “very concerning” and that they had “been clear” that NHS Tayside must “swiftly investigate any allegations of mistreatment or breaches of patients’ rights.”

Patients have alleged they were bullied on wards at Carseview

Ms Marra said she had been given “cast-iron assurances” two years ago during a visit to the unit that “everything was fine” and that “these problems don’t exist.”

She said: “Now clearly that just wasn’t true.

“I am calling today on the cabinet secretary for health to put NHS Tayside mental health services into crisis measures because this is about public confidence.

“People in Dundee and Tayside need to know that their loved ones are being properly cared for.

“And from what we have seen on the documentary, people are being failed, there is clearly no doubt about it.”

David Strang, the former HM Chief Inspector of Prisons for Scotland, will chair an independent inquiry into mental health services across NHS Tayside.

The allegations made in the BBC documentary will be included in the inquiry.

Ms Marra, who has called for a new team of doctors to be brought into Carseview, said: “It’s supposed to report in September, they really need now to speed up this process.”

Daisy Stewart
Daisy Stewart said she felt “traumatised” from her time in Carseview

Former patient Daisy Stewart, who was first admitted to Carseview aged 17, said she could “totally relate” to many of the accusations in the programme.

She said: “I felt like the restraints were kind of like punishment rather than the other hospitals I’d been in.

“They’ve tried to make it supportive, whereas in Carseview it feels like you’re a nuisance and they just want to quieten you.”

Miss Stewart said she was mixed in with “a lot of people who were taking drugs or had taken drugs.”

She said that her time in the unit did her “no good at all” and called for Carseview to be closed.

She said: “I’d say it nearly killed me.

“I’m surprised I got through it and I still feel really traumatised from it to the point where I still don’t really trust mental health professionals very much.

“I definitely felt more traumatised from Carseview than the trauma I had when I originally went in.

“The whole place has a vibe that is not healthy for a person without mental illness, never mind someone with depression.”

Lisa Stewart
Lisa Stewart said she felt that her daughter was “in danger” at the unit

Miss Stewart’s mother Lisa said that on one occasion her daughter had left Carseview and phoned her from a shop after taking an overdose.

Ms Stewart called Carseview and was told that her daughter was sleeping. After checking, staff discovered she was not there.

She said: “I said, is someone going to get her? “No. we’re too busy for that.”

“So I had to go and the police were there and they said this happens all the time, nobody comes to get them.”

‘Key milestone’

Ms Stewart said she could not take her daughter from the unit as she had been admitted under section.

She said: “I wanted to get her out because I felt she was more in danger in there than she was out.”

Mental Health Minister Clare Haughey said: “I will be expecting an early update from NHS Tayside on their investigation and the action they intend to take.”

The minister said Mr Strang’s appointment marked the independent inquiry’s “first key milestone” for families.

She said: “I also note NHS Tayside has today appointed Prof Keith Matthews as a new associate medical director for mental health services.

“His background and clinical leadership will play an important part in working to transform mental health services across the region.”



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FMQs: Nicola Sturgeon challenged on denying children mental health treatment

Nicola Sturgeon


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