Youth mental health charity Feeling Strong launches peer coaching and listening service

Youth mental health charity Feeling Strong launches peer coaching and listening service

A Dundee youth mental health charity has launched a new peer coaching and listening service.

Feeling Strong has set up its new service to meet the developing needs of young people in the city, providing a safe space for young people to talk about their mental challenges, as well as any other issues they may be facing.

Peer Coach Errin Mathieson said “We’re so excited to launch this new service, and ensuring we’re equipped to help any young person as best we can.

“We hope to promote the exploration and embracing of challenges, with our carefully tailored service assisting in successful recovery and positive destinations for all who come to our doorstep.”

Developed by young people, for young people, the service is for anyone aged 12 to 26 that lives, works, or studies in Dundee.

They are open Wednesdays from 1.30pm to 5.30pm.

Anyone interested in speaking to a member of the charity’s peer coaching staff can click here for a referral form.


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Youth mental health charity Feeling Strong launches peer coaching and listening service

Mental health charity reveals stranded students are suffering during lockdown in Dundee

A leading mental health charity has said stranded students in Dundee are feeling the biggest strain during lockdown.

Feeling Strong, which offers support to young people who are suffer mental health issues, have said there has been an increase in worries among many in the city.

But, according to Marla Heier, lead volunteer at Feeling Strong, students attending universities in Dundee have been left feeling isolated, with coronavirus restrictions meaning some haven’t seen loved ones in month.

Ms Heier said: “Young people are definitely having increased mental health worries as a result of lockdown.

“Some of the worst affected are students who chose to stay in the city when lockdown began.

“Many believed it would maybe only last for around a month.

“Now we are several months in and for many it has been impossible to leave the city or to go home.

“Some of these students can’t leave Dundee to go to  home because their families are shielding or have vulnerable members.

“Other students from foreign countries are also unable to go home and for them the situation is worse because they are so far from their loved ones.”

In January, Feeling Strong opened a community hub in Stobswell aiming to deliver a number of services for the young people of the city.

The hub is also designed to be a one stop shop for those who are indeed of support.

However, throughout lockdown, the base has been closed to its users.

Although unable to physically meet with those struggling, volunteers at Feeling Strong been able to offer counselling online.

Ms Heier said: “We are regularly in touch with some people who have turned to us for help and we have also provided advice and support to people who have come to us  even once.

“We can offer peer support but they can also signpost and make referrals to other groups in the city who can also offer to help.”

“Hopefully we are providing a lifeline for young people who may be facing this current crisis alone and feel they have no one else to talk to.”

Feeling strong can be contacted at or at


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‘One-stop-shop’ mental health hub for youngsters opens in Dundee

‘One-stop-shop’ mental health hub for youngsters opens in Dundee

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New mental health charity hopes to help young people in Dundee

Brook Marshall started Feeling Strong after seeing “gaps” in mental health treatment.


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