Young Dundee mum confronts depression by leaving ‘dozens’ of inspirational notes across city

Young Dundee mum confronts depression by leaving ‘dozens’ of inspirational notes across city

A young mum struggling with crippling depression has launched a campaign to spread love and kindness throughout the city.

Sophie McCutcheon, 23, from Lochee, plans to leave dozens of inspirational notes.

She began her project, called Love from a Stranger, last week and she will continue to leave random notes around the city on a weekly basis.

Sophie writing one of her notes at home.

Sophie said: “Love from a Stranger is a project that is close to my heart and hopefully I’ll find some of my own happiness and hope from it.

“Every week I’ll be leaving handwritten notes with inspirational and kind messages on them around Dundee for people who need them the most, in the hope that they realise that they are not alone and there is more to our lives than the darkness.”

She added: “I often wish people were kinder to those surrounding them, especially children, whether they know them or not. I wish people were more supportive of one another, then perhaps we would be kinder to ourselves in adulthood.”

Sophie said she knows a lot of other people also struggle with their mental health and they don’t always feel like anyone understands what they’re going through.

She said “It’s for that reason I decided to introduce Love from a Stranger – it’s amazing how just a little note of kind words and encouragement can make a huge difference to someone’s life.”

Sophie said that among her messages were “be kind to yourself, you deserve it” and “never give up on yourself”.

“It would be great to find out if the note made a difference to someone’s day, life or mindset, and whether they kept it or passed it on to someone else.”

Sophie’s project began as a result of her own 10-year battle with depression and anxiety.

She recently began her blog The Devious Mind which she hopes will be her own place of sanctuary that could help others.


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