Family of tragic Dundee man aiming to raise thousands more for city charity

Family of tragic Dundee man aiming to raise thousands more for city charity

A mum and dad who have been campaigning for a 24-hour crisis centre after their son took his own life have revealed their plans to raise thousands for a mental health charity.

Dad Lee Welsh tragically took his own life in August 2017 leaving behind a seven-year-old daughter, Poppy.

Lee, who was just 23, had battled mental health issues for almost a decade before he committed suicide.

In the years since, Phil and Lee’s mum Lesley Nicoll have been raising money for local mental health charities while continuing to campaign for a self referral crisis centre to help people who find themselves with nowhere to turn.

In only two years they have raised more than £10,500 for city charities and this year they hope to raise  thousands more, topping the total amount raised last year. All the money is raised under the banner Not In Vain for Lee.

Phil said: “Our aim is to raise more money than last year for Haven and we already have three main events lined up.

“We will once more hold our soup and pudding lunch in May, there is a charity football match in June, and we will take part in the university abseil in August.

“We will also continue to hold a number of other small fundraising events and initiatives throughout the year all in Lee’s name.”

Phil said: “The Hearing Voices Network Dundee (Haven) is a small, service user-led charity which seeks to create acceptance that hearing voices is a valid experience.

“Haven provides support to voice hearers through a variety of projects, self-help groups, activities and supported volunteering.

“Our main aim continues to be a crisis centre. We were encouraged that in his independent inquiry report into mental health services, Dr David Strang spoke in favour of such a centre.


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