A memorial match has raised more than £1,000 for charity.

The match, held in memory of Harry Hawes who took his own life in 2009, raised £1,001.34 for Andy’s Man Club.

The match took place at Downfield Junior football ground on May 19.

Harry had played for Dundee Football Club since he was 12 and was 17 when he died.

His friend Kevin Milne, who also played for Dundee, arranged the match.

Taking part were two teams, the yellow, which was made up of friends of Harry’s that he grew up with, and the blue team, which was made up of Harry’s family and friends from Kirkton.

After the match those attending went along to Doc Stewart’s where there was raffles, drinks and karaoke.

Harry’s mum Jacqueline Hawes said she wanted to donate to Andy’s Man Club due to how they support men’s mental health.

Andy’s Man Club was formed in 2016 and has now spread across the UK.

The Dundee group meets at the Boomerang Centre on Mondays at 7pm.



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