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A Dundee mental health charity is to benefit from funding raised in the year ahead by the parents of Lee Welsh, who took his own life in 2017.

Phil Welsh and Lesley Nicoll said they will continue to raise money in Lee’s name in 2020 and this year the money will go to the Hearing Voices Network.

Phil said: “The Hearing Voices network Dundee (Haven) is a small, service user-led charity which seeks to create acceptance that hearing voices is a valid experience.

“Haven provides support to voice hearers through a variety of projects, self-help groups, activities and supported volunteering.”

He added: “A 24-hour crisis centre in Dundee is our ultimate goal.

“Until then we’re committed to raising awareness and funds to assist with the costs of small local self-funded mental health charities.”

The first event will be a soup and pudding lunch which will be held in May.


Link to Evening Telegraph article here 

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