A senior politician has said no stone should be left unturned if the city is to address the deepening mental health crisis.

Labour leader on Dundee City Council Kevin Keenan said that the independent inquiry into mental health services in  NHS Tayside published this week, which set out 50 recommendations, raised very concerning issues.

Mr Keenan said: “Everything I have read so far shows that there needs to be some level of spending from Dundee City Council to help achieve the recommendations  laid out by the report.

“I have written to the council’s chief executive David Martin to ask what that level of financial commitment will be.

Mr Keenan added: “I have also asked him to address the issues and have further asked whether there is any opportunity to receive government funding given that the NHS in Tayside has effectively let down individuals and those in need of care.”

Mr Keenan said that the council had a crucial role to play as one of the partners involved in  caring for people with mental health issues in Dundee.

He said: “Through  our council housing services and our social work department we regularly come into contact with people with mental health issues.

David Martin, chief executive of Dundee City Council

“I want to know how we can provide better support, particularity following on the concerns raised by the  independent  inquiry report.

“There is little doubt that there is a link in Dundee between mental health and drug taking issues and the previous Fair Commission held in the city highlighted this and committed to providing appropriate care.

Mr Keenan added: “It also concerns  me that many children in Dundee  suffer as a result of mental health and drug issues.

“We should be looking at how we can best support these children. We have one of the highest number of Looked After Children and many sibling groups would have been split – something which I understand this report has been very critical of.

“I would hope that we could have some level of case review undertaken fairly quickly – if we are getting it wrong for any child then we must address this promptly. ”

A Dundee City Council spokesman said: “The chief executive will respond to Bailie Keenan in due course.”


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