Bereaved family ‘lost for words’ with emotional art wall tribute

From the Courier – Original Article This is about the fantastic graffiti tribute to Lee.


Phil and Lesley with the work dedicated to their son.

A Dundee family devastated by the loss of their son say an art wall dedicated to his memory has left them “lost for words”.

Lee Welsh died in August. The 27-year-old had suffered from mental health issues and his family have since campaigned for enhanced mental health care.

The Courier told last week how a local artist had dedicated an Oasis-themed mural to music fan and talented musician Lee.

Symon Mathieson, from SYKE Graffiti Art, has now designed a mural of Lee himself, next to the previously designed Oasis artwork at Dundee’s DPM graffiti park.

Lee’s family say the care and attention to the design shows how well loved their son was.

Lee’s parents, Phil and Lesley, were invited to the unveiling of Lee’s mural on Saturday and said they are “lost for words” by the love shown for their son.

Phil said: “We received a phone call from one of Lee’s friends requesting that Lee’s mum and I come along to the DPM on Saturday at 2pm, which we did.

“There we noticed a small gathering of his friends, and then we spotted the actual mural of Lee himself. We were lost for words

“His mother and I adore it and Lee would have loved it.

“Seeing something like the mural on the wall emphasises to his mother and I how loved Lee was and that offers us comfort.

“His friends are organising a race night which again demonstrates the impact Lee had on many.”

Artist Symon said: “After seeing how much it meant to Lee’s friends and family having the Oasis portraits dedicated to him, I had no problem in doing the one of Lee. I didn’t know Lee, but friends of mine did, he was obviously a well known and loved guy.”

The Welsh family have already said they believe more has to be done to help those living with mental illness.

Phil, Lee’s mum, Lesley, and sister, Kirsty, believe Dundee should have its own crisis centre, similar to an initiative in Edinburgh, where those experiencing severe mental health issues can go for care.

A race night and disco in memory of Lee will be held at the function suite of Dundee’s Skyaxe Combat and Fitness Centre on November 18.

website has been created by the family to share stories of mental health which can be shared with politicians and charities.


Graffiti tribute to Lee

SYKE Graffiti has created a tribute to Lee in Dundee. Lee was a huge Oasis fan and the family are over the moon that this has been done for Lee. You can see images of the murals below, however. we’ve also added a Tribute page to the site where these are featured and we’ll also be putting images of other tributes & fund raising events.